Travel Mapper Google Sheets Add-on Support

Jin - January 7, 2022


If you have any feedback, found any issues or bugs, or have any questions at all, please email us at We will respond as soon as possible to resolve any problems / answer any inquiries.

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Be sure to check out our FAQ for additional help as well.


Issue 1: Can't Generate an Itinerary Template (or see the map, etc.)

If you are signed into your browser with multiple Google accounts, installing the add-on will automatically assign the "master" account to your default Google account. Google doesn't allow any other accounts other than your default account to access the add-on. There are a couple of easy solutions.

Option 1: Reinstall the add-on with your default Google account

Here are 3 easy steps to fix this issue:

Step 1

Click on your Google account icon at the top right of your browser and select the "Default" account. Your "Default" account should have the word "Default" next to it like this:

Step 2

If you were previously in a Google sheets doc, clicking on your default account will bring you this page where Google says you don't have access to the sheet since you switched users.

Open up a new Google sheets document with the default account. You should see an empty Google sheet and this account doesn't have the Travel Mapper add-on installed.

Step 3

Reinstall the Travel Mapper add-on with your default Google account by first clicking the "Extensions" tab, then click "Add-ons", and then click "Get add-ons".

Search for Travel Mapper and then click install:

And that's it! Now you can generate an itinerary template and access the map. If that worked for you great! If not, please contact us with the information at the top of this page.

If you don't want to use your default Google account with the add-on, please see Option 2.

Option 2: Change your default Google account

If you don't want to use solution 1, you can change your default account with 2 easy steps to continue using the add-on problem-free.

Step 1

Click on your Google account icon at the top right of your browser and click "Sign out of all accounts".

Step 2

Sign back in with the Google account that you first installed the Travel Mapper add-on with. Now, this account should be your new "Default" account and it should have the permissions to use the add-on features.

If you still have any issues, please contact us using the information at the top of this page.

Issue 2: Can't Click Markers in the Map

A known bug occurs when a Google Map marker is clicked and then this action subsequently disables clicking of all Travel Mapper itinerary markers.

For example, clicking this:

Disables this:

We are working on a solution but a quick fix would be to re-open the map using the dropdown menu.