Travel Mapper Permissions Explained

Jin - November 5, 2021

We understand that users may feel uncertain about installing Travel Mapper due to concern over the level of permission granting needed to use our app.

To help address these concerns, we want to be as transparent as possible by explaining exactly why each access detail is needed and hopefully help you trust in us and know that we have absolutely no intent of using the access you grant maliciously.

Here is the Permissions summary shown on the Google Workspace Marketplace for Travel Mapper.

Let’s address each, one by one.

1. View and manage spreadsheets that this application has been installed in

None of our code will create, delete, read or edit any of your Google Sheets files. Our add-on will only edit and read contents of the spreadsheet file you have open.

When you create a new sheet to use for your trip planning, the first step to using Travel Mapper is to generate the itinerary template. Being able to edit your Google Sheets spreadsheet is what allows us to automatically generate the travel template for you.

In addition to generating the template, we need to read the data inside of the spreadsheet. We do not read any other information in any other file except for the one you have open and are editing. No reading or editing action is done automatically. These functions are completely controlled and prompted by you.

Reading the data in the sheet allows us to perform all the other functions like plotting locations on the map, compiling the itinerary into an easy-to-read format for emailing, and to populate information in certain modals.

2. Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications

This permission allows us to connect with our remote server databases so that we can check if a user has paid for a subscription and to log specific data and analytics. Please see the “Data Storage” section in our privacy policy to read what we store.

Also, the only other third party web content we are connected to is Stripe. Stripe is a payment processing service, and we use it to facilitate payment. We do not store nor ever have access to your credit card information.

3. Send email as you

With Travel Mapper, you can email your trip summary to anyone you’d like in a format that’s easy to use on the go during your trip. To do this, the email is sent from the email associated with your Google Sheets account to any recipient you specify. This is the only function that uses the ability to send email as you. No aspect of our code or general operations at Blue Planit involves sending email as you outside of the Email Trip Summary feature.

Furthermore, you have to click a button to allow the email to be sent. There is NO automated sending of email. Only you have control of when the email is sent.

4. See your primary Google Account email address

We need your email as a unique identifier to separate you from other users. This is necessary to determine who has paid for the premium features. This is the only personal information we have stored in our database.

5. See your personal info, including any personal info you've made publicly available

We don’t use, collect, or store any of your publicly-available personal info. The only piece of personal information we store is your email.

Thanks for reading!