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Travel Planning
made easy

Researching your next getaway can make planning your next vacation seem like a second job. Put away the calculator and let our app take care of all details.

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Easy drag and drop interface
Too many events scheduled for one day? Just drag it over to the next. Our easy to use interface makes it effortless to plan your itinerary in a way that will make the most of your limited time.
All your events mapped
See how all the places you want to go relate with each other. Add locations that make sense relative to each other so your vacation isn’t spent sitting in a car all day.
Keep tabs on your costs
Don’t be surprised by your next post-vacation bill. Know what you can afford and dont overspend on tourist traps. Seeing the numbers might just be enough to keep you from buying that overpriced slurpee.
See detailed event information
See a tabular data of your travel information. Compare events and costs. Take notes for every event so you are always prepared.